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So I’m out of a job and uni is on break for the summer. What should I do with my time? I have endless bounds of time to do all the things that I used to love doing… now what were they? That’s right – games and dvds, the stuff that everyone else seems to love doing that I’ve never had time for because I’ve been working and studying.

After a month out of work and uni, I’ve realised that I should have left games and watching movies in the past, I’ve grown out of that now – I’m 22. My friends bought me half-life 2, counterstrike source and World of Warcraft for my birthday/christmas present this year, and whilst I was extremely thankful for the gifts, I quickly realised that a pack of cigarettes and some beer would have done less damage to my lifestyle and my relationship with God.

Firstly, I take offence to the amount of fantasy, mysticism, magic and downright evil content in the game world of warcraft, but I chose to live with it to be part of the scene. Quickly I became addicted to the point where I would spend up to 5 hours a day playing this ridiculous game, it was slowly, but surely sucking my life away. This morning I uninstalled World of Warcraft and Half life 2 in a bid to get my life back. The real world was moving all around me but all I cared about was that game, and now I’ve got sooo much catching up to do, did you know that it’s december? I barely acknowledged it.

With watching movies, I’ve realised that watching them does nothing for me, just fills my head with images which in a lot of cases i shouldnt be filling it with. I want to spend time with friends where I actually get to know them better and share life with them, rather than watching movies.

So, I’m kind of in a no man’s land right now, I really want to watch star trek: voyager, but I know that there’s no point in watching it again, and I am just looking for comfort activities, things that used to make me happy in high school, where I should be spending time with God, reading books and actually earning a living.

Sigh. Guess I’d better do some work today.

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