Surf camp!!!

Well, here I am on the other site of the most awesome week of the
year for our church, our anual winter youth camp. How does it feel,
pretty good. Surf camp is usually a time of chalenge for me, since it
is way out of my comfort zone, and every year I get a little better at
interacting with people.

This year I’d have to say that I really missed having Ben on
camp. He’s got to be one of my best friends ever, poor guy couldnt
afford to come on camp, and nobody even offered to help him out :( So I
had to try to make new friends, and to a degree I had some ‘success’. I
get on well with all the guys that were in my dorm / cell group, and I
think that Than man Is really awsome! I spent alot of time with my
older friend steve though, who doesnt really have any other friends in
one80, which kinda sucks. So that was a bit of a challenge.

Also it was my youth pastor Kristie’s last ever surf camp as
leader, wich was quite sad, and It kinda made me anxious, because I’m
quite attached to her. But at the same time I was really loving our
guest speaker for camp Tim. He was a really great guy who could
encourage and befriend me in ways that a female pastor just cant. So
after that, Im really exited about Kristie’s brother Adrian taking over
the reigns at One80, especially since Ade and I are already in a
mentoring kinda relationship, Ade rocks. Anyway, that’s personal enough
for today :)

A big thanks goes out to all those on production during the
week. Life-of-purpose, you did a wonderful job of lyrics, and I hope
that you’ll be on team this coming term. There’s still more to learn
and practice makes perfect, but you’re off to a great start. I only had
to do production twice out of eight times, wich was an incredible
blessing from God, that I cant thank Him enough for. I’m hoping this
year to create two unsupervised teams, so I can spend more time in
worship and just soaking up God’s presence.

I went for a sunrise walk on the first day and it was
magnificent, I was reminded of how glorious God is, and how much he
cares for us that he would paint a new sunrise for us every morning. I
also went for a bushwalk with Rod, Kristie, Kate and a younger guy Paul
who I talked to a bit and I think he’s really cool. (super smart).
Also, we made our own way back to the camp – stuff the trail, we’ll
just go this way – awesome. There’s probably heaps of other stuff to
talk about, but let’s just say I had a good time :)