2GO Forrest Classic rally

Yesterday I went to the scrutineering session for a local rally through ourimbah state forest to test out a software package that I’ve been writing for that purpose. For those who don’t know. Scrutineering is like a rego check, only a little more strict and thourough. Our program is designed to manage the registration of persons into events and the generation of scrutineering reports and other documentation upon the checks taking place. Our system was intended to be run side-by-side with the existing paper system, since it is not exactly stable at this point, unfortunately the old system failed miserably, so the scrutineering depended upon our program working propery. Thankfully it did.

We printed pass certificates on the spot, and reports back down to the admin room over a wifi link, in fact everything was running on a wifi link, it was great. Once again I got a job offer from some guy looking for young web-savvy guys to work for him. Not sure If I’ll take up his offer, since I already have a good job and I’m overworked….

Also, speaking of overworked: I was not feeling too great on thursday night but instead of taking it easy, i was up until 1am the next morning programming, then I got to the scrutineering at about 9:00am and left at 9:15pm, so I was almost dead when I got home, and Was rather sick last night. Must rest….