Free kindness evangelism

My friend Matt Gelding has often brought to mind the concept of kindness evangelism; random kind acts for people that allow you to share a glimse of God with the world. I actually find it quite fun when I get into it. For that reason, I just love hitchhikers, because they are free kindness evangelism waiting to be picked. (just to be clear, hitchhikers being the ones asking for a lift, I don’t harrass people) I picked up a man tonight on my way home and we had a quick chat about church, and I got to share a bit of my testimony – booring sunday school turned encounter with jesus turned brand new life – Which is really suited to his type (he was baptised catholic). I don’t know if our conversation will have any major impact on his life, but maybe it will be the seed that someone else harvests later, maybe he will go to bed thinking about it… In any case, I wont reject someone asking for a lift just because I won’t see the fruit of it. I love it.