International Night Sri Lanka

For those who would love to travel the world, the Logos Hope brings the world to them. I share a cabin with a man from Korea and a man from France. In fact, we have over 45 nationalities onboard. So when we put on a show, it’s a taste of world culture. Mexican dancing, Korean fan dance, a Finnish signer, a special chinese instrument, drama – the lineup of performances was by far the ship’s best – but what made this event great was not the performances, but the audience.
Having changed our plans a day before, we decided to setup for International Night right outside the ship in the open air. Anybody who saw the stage came to sit down. With a thousand people watching, we performed the cultural dances and songs that we practiced hard for. And when we had drawn a huge crowd, we performed a drama about the prodigal son. And to explain the meaning of the drama, the MC gave the message of salvation that is so needed in this place.

As a lighting engineer my part in this started early in the morning bringing equipment out from the ship and setting it up. I had many helpers for which I am very thankful. Seeing the show lit well and looking very attractive – drawing the crowds, was a great feeling. And serving behind the scenes to make something like this a relaity is something I’ve always dreamed about. I thank God for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing ministry by using the skills that he has given me to serve him.

Ship of peace

“We saw many naval ships on the horizon, ships going for war, but we saw very few book ships. Now we have ships bringing knowledge into our ports.”
“Such a multinational grouping for a nobel cause in itself sets a worthy illustration of global unity”
These were some of the kind words spoken by our honoured guests on arrival in Galle, Sri Lanka. Only two years after the close of a devestating civil war that spanned most of my lifetime, the people of Sri Lanka have shown that a ship with peaceful purpose is a sight for sore eyes. With over 400 crew members from more than 45 nations working together in peace (most of the time!) we are a light to the nations. How can we do it? On our own, we simply can’t. It’s too hard to work with so many different cultures on board. But with the help of the Holy Spirit we seek to honour each other and serve together in a community of believers with one goal – to serve Him.