Mission: Bahamas

“Please Lord send me to the Bahamas” might be the catch-cry of the lazy missionary and a joke to others, but when fellow crew member Randy Grebe felt called to take his young family and go to be a missionary in the Bahamas, he took it very seriously.
Randy’s ministry was not in the nice places, not to the tourists, and never at all easy. Through many years of hard work and lots of sacrifice, Randy and Kim impacted the heart of the island chain. Their most famous acheivement was the construction of the Adventure Learning Centre where kids come to learn about creation and many make Jesus their Lord an Savior. I was on camera tonight for a reunion dinner with so many people who testified to the way that Uncle Randy touched them and brought Jesus into their lives, and on Tuesday I will visit the Adventure Learning Centre – the result of a man who listened not to men, but to God.

The harvest is plentiful

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” I read aloud as I motioned to some volunteers from the congregation. Four people represented 40% of the world’s population who have not been reached with the gospel, and one man represented the 10% of Christian missionaries working with these people.

At the Franklin Town Church of God we were asked to take the service after worship. “G’day, my name is Chris and I come from Australia, the land of Kangaroos and Koalas” I said as I addressed the church. After our introductions I gave a presentation with the aim of mobilizing Christians in Jamaica to be a part of world mission. Jamaica and the surrounding Caribbean has been reached by the gospel by brave souls who came before us and now it is time for Caribbeans to go into all the world.

Others from the team presented a mime-dance and a testimony, and one gave a powerful sermon. Afterwards we were able to sell books for people who couldn’t make it to the ship.

I always enjoy the experience of speaking to a church body and helping them to understand the need for following the great commission.

Behind the Scenes

“I really like dressing in black and feeling what it is to be sort of selfless – you forget that people are watching you,” described Joy Lin (Taiwan). She and nine other crewmembers were responsible for the sound, lights, and video at an event in the Hope Theatre. Considering there are only six people in the audiovisual department, it is evident that making these types of events happen requires dedication. For a two-hour event, the team had a walk-through a few days earlier, a meeting the day before, and was on the job for seven hours the day of the event. However, for this bunch of crewmembers, it is important to see things from a deeper angle than just the technical side. Working behind the scenes can be difficult, but as Joy put it, “it teaches you to be humble.”
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