Mission Hats

As I entered the church the music had started and the pastor was praying. Smartly dressed lady ushers stood at the door to welcome me as I entered the small church building carying a box of props for a missions presentation. We were guided right to the front pew of this traditionally furnished church building to sit in the front row. Though traditional in it’s furnishings, the band was lively and loud and the pastor was almost shouting his prayer above the music. Adorned in my sunday best, complete with purple tie and my white skin, I – along with 3 others from the ship – stood out like a sore thumb. The worship began. What surprised me most at that moment is that it was an old chorus from 60 or 70 years ago! They performed it as if it was brand new and there was no missing the presence of God’s Holy Spirit. As we continued to sing it occured to me that we had been singing for quite some time, and had repeated many verses over, but still I was delighted to worship the Lord in such a way. And then finally the time came for the very reason we had visited this church.

We had come to give a missions presentation and share our testimonies using volunteers from the audience and various props. The aim was to show them how much of the world has been reached with the gospel, and what is being done to continue it’s advance.
If the world were represented by ten people, then only one of these ten people would be born again, bible believing Christians who place their faith in Jesus Christ, whom they confess as their Lord and Saviour. Another two people would be nominal christians who may attend church occasionally and call themselves christians, but are not saved. And a further three people would have heard the gospel of Jesus but for one reason or another not responded to it. These are ‘reached non-christians’. So the gospel has covered approximately 60% of the world’s population. Of the unreached, one person would be Muslim, one would be Hindu, one would be Budhist and one would come from China. Though there are many more nations and religeons – these are the big four.
If the world’s christian missionaries were then represented by ten people, then only one of these 10 would work in the unreached world where people have not heard the gospel even once. 3 would work amongst the reached non-christians and 6 would work amongst nominal christians. “The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few, therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out more workers into the harvest field”.

Many in the church were amazed at the imbalance of missionaries in the unreached world, I hope and pray they will seek God as to how they can help. Maybe it is by going, maybe it is by praying or giving or mobilising. The other three gave their testimonies to the church and the pastor concluded the service.

After church we were invited to someone’s house for sunday lunch. It was a fantastic time to chat with local Christians and fellowship with them. I thank God for a great experience and the chance to encourage others to join the mission.