“Wait, you seriously like doing this kind of thing – that’s amazing!” This and other statements have been a part of the discussions that I have had lately with people at OmniVision. Situated in the city of Carlisle in far North England, OmniVision makes videos about what God is doing around the world drawing people to himself. Through the videos created here, we are given an insight into ministries that we can be a part of – – by supporting, by praying, by sending, by going. They also do live video coverage (Image Manification – or iMag for short) of big Christian conferences in Europe. This is the most exciting feature for me. I love to be behind the quality technology that helps to bring people into the presence of God – rather than push them away as it sometimes does. I like to see young people giving their lives to Jesus and committing themselves to missions both local and abroad. For that reason I’ve extended my world travelling for just one more month to visit the ministry and to experience a little of what they do. Now it just so happens that I used to be a computer programmer (I write PHP for those interested) and I really enjoyed that job, but didn’t get to do any of that in the ship. When I mentioned that I like to do PHP work and maintenance, more than one person was excited. I’ve already got two small projects that I’m working on to improve existing websites. I really like where I am working and I’ve already learned a whole lot more about my job. Carlisle is also a very nice city – very small but very cool. There is also a very nice place called the Lake District not far to the south which is breathtakingly beautiful. I think I am really going to enjoy the month here.

A week of ‘lasts’

The last prayer night, the last work day, the last group outing, the last Sunday service and the last time down the gangway. Yes, it was indeed a week of ‘lasts’ for me and for many of my friends and colleges who were to leave the ship or say goodbye to others leaving on September the 19th. It’s time for many of us to finish our two year commitment and fresh new volunteers to take our place. And with this time comes sadness mixed with excitement – but when I trust in God there is also a peace ‘that surpasses all understanding’.
Last Monday I was able to stand in front of everyone and in five minutes tell what God has done in my life on Logos Hope. In short, he has taken a shy task oriented computer nerd and used him for His glory around the world, learning public speaking, drama, people skills, leadership skills and most importantly love – for ‘If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.’ There were many difficult times for me on board, but I feel that out of them I learned something and grew somehow spiritually. I am very thankful for the experience of visiting many beautiful and broken countries, meeting the real people, helping with their needs, helping others to share the love of Jesus with them, and working with amazing people.
On Sunday night we had something called the ‘last supper’. I have been a part of a very close circle of friends – friends who love each other and support each other, not always getting along perfectly, but always forgiving and coming back together. We ate together and celebrated what was likely the last time that we would all meet together at the one time. It was sad in a way, but it was joyous in the same moment. Some of us will see each other again – I will visit Ruth in England for a week on my way back from Carlisle.

The greatest treasure


God sometimes does special things just to encourage you. this week I was able once more before I leave the ship to participate (doing av for) my favourite school program The Greatest Treasure. The cast was made entirely of people who joined at the same time that I didover two years ago and they put their all into their final performance before they hand over the baton to newer actors. I thoroughly enjoyed to push the buttons that make the sound effects and lighting sequences that make it such a mind blowing experience for the kids.