Big Programs

This weekend I headed up the AV team for two big events. It was certainly a big weekend for the whole team.

The first event was a 3 hour epic youth event featuring a local band and a number of vocal acts from a UK Hip Hop group that is visiting the ship. I headed a team of 9 people: Sound, Backstage, Lyrics, Lights, Spotlight, 3 camera operators and a video switcher. Everyone did a fantastic job and we created a fantastic atmosphere. The message was ‘Reach for Life’ motivating young people in St. Lucia to make good life choices and to give their lives to Christ. There was a drama that demonstrated that you can’t sit on the fence, you must choose Jesus or Satan. At the end of the event, 20 youths gave their lives to Christ, and that’s what it’s all about.
big programs 4
The very next day the AV team got to work bringing the quayside stage out to entertain the innumerable visitors waiting in line to get into the book fair. The UK artists sang up a storm and a number of local youths stepped out of the queue to listen and cheer. The next day a local band came to play and entertain guests. They were a fantastic worship band that everyone liked. The plan was to have testimonies and dramas and puppets and all sorts of different ways of communicating the gospel. Unfortunately a huge storm cloud came overhead and it poured down rain. I rushed to cover everything and a number of people helped out. I was completely soaked but nothing was water damaged. It was a good opportunity for me to test out a new sound system that I built the previous week from left over gear, and people really enjoyed the show while it lasted.