Chinese Fellowship Visit

“I want you to approach a member of the crew and ask them these 5 questions”. Wei-ling from Taiwan encouraged the Chinese visitors to talk with the crewmembers in the room and ‘break the ice’. Having little else to do I stepped out of my box and said ‘Nin hao‘ to a man as he approached. We were only able to exchange names and countries as he didn’t speak a word of english – but he was still very happy to meet me. Another brave woman approached me and in broken english asked me how long I had been on board and what was my favourite food. Answering her in english first, then in Chinese I could tell her I had been on board already for 1 and a half years and of course my favourite food is Chinese food! (But I also like pizza!)
Together we sung songs to our heavenly father – though I understood only some of the words. They were very encouraged by singing together and by the talk from my friend Shaun who is from China and is staying on board for a short time. I also had a wonderful time and be thankful that I could be used by Him even when I can’t barely communicate with people.