Welcome to the AP

Sailing south to the Arab Peninsula for the new year brings fresh culture and people. I have been able to walk the city streets and meet the local Arab people and the many foreign workers from India and other countries. I even got to visit the local fishery and see how the fish are prepared after they are caught – I couldn’t take the smell!
On board I really enjoy sitting in the cafe and talking with various people both locals and migrant workers. They tell me all about their work and their home and I can tell them about life on board a ship with people from 51 different nations and visiting many different countries. There are some local fellowships here amongst the ex-patriots and it’s fascinating to hear their stories. One man that I met in the cafe even gave me a lovely lapel pin shaped as the country’s coat of arms. I am really excited about fostering peace between the west and the middle east by interacting with individuals and sharing the positives of our cultures.