Walking in Paul’s footsteps

This week I have had the privilege of exploring the island of Malta, the very same island that Paul was shipwrecked on. It is a beautiful island full of amazing architecture that reflects a rich history in the centuries that followed. I have really enjoyed wandering around trying local food and taking in the sights. It seems that Paul’s visit had a big effect on the people, but since then life has become more about rules and traditions than about a real relationship with the heavenly father.
I had the opportunity to visit with a local fellowship and sing with them and pray for the people of Malta. It was great to experience their hospitality and their love for others. I also got to meet two really nice gentlemen from Malta who told me all about the country and it’s history – seriously look it up on wikipedia – and I was able to take them for a tour of the ship and tell them all about the help projects that we do in some poor countries and explain why we do what we do. They really enjoyed their time on board and I enjoyed talking with them.

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