First African Experience

Sitting on a bench beside a dirt road in Africa surrounded by curious locals, I began to tell my testimony. Some of them only speak Creole, so every sentance needs to be translated and every response translated back again. Many local people had crouded around this odd looking white fellow figuring he must have something important to say. After telling them about Australia, I told them of a time that I called out to God before I even called myself a Christian and He sent my Dad to rescue me. Then I shared the Gospel with them. Everyone was very interested to hear what I had to say, even if they didn’t agree. I remember I was so out of my depth and if I had time to think about it I would have been scared, but God carried me through it and gave me the words to say. Though none of these people accepted Christ there and then, many said they would come to the evening programme at the local church.
As part of an e-day team I was paired with a local Christian lady who led me around the village introducing me to people and translating for me. Everyone was quite happy to invite me into their home to sit down – as I recall none of them had doors, yet we still called it door to door ministry. We also had the goal of inviting people to an evening program at the church which other ship people will share testimonies and preach. I had the opportunity to challenge one man to go back to church, since he had been going to church but stopped lately. Annother woman said she would like to pray with us, so my friend and translator prayed with her.
It sure is an amazing experience talking to African people – they actually want to hear about Jesus. Thankyou God for this amazing day.