What am I doing in this place?

Do you recognise the style of building in the photo above? That’s right – it’s a nightclub. It’s probably one of the best equipped facilities in Barbados for clubgoers, and not only that, it also has a reputation among locals for all types of immorality. So what am I doing in this place? Am I doing club evangelism? Not exactly no.
Recently, this club ran into financial difficulties and had to shut down. The owners contacted a Christian missionary couple who had some contact with the club while it was running. They offered to sell the facility and it’s rights to this couple. Thinking of the absurdity of owning such a place, they said no. But in praying about it they felt God urging them to buy it. They received a number of confirmations from God. So they purchased the club and re-opened the doors. They are continuing for the most part to run it as it was before. Music is still played and alcohol is still dispensed. The owners pray consistently for the patrons and recognise that as owners they have some authority over the place. They will try, I suppose, to reach people within this framework.
On Friday nights they have a ‘Christian night’, where they only use the main auditorium and have christian artists come to perform. This particular night there was a youth event run partly by the ship and also featuring many local Christian artists. There were an OK number of people there, but more people would be better. Please pray that more non believers would attend the Friday night concerts and hear the Gospel, and also that people would be impacted by the different atmosphere of the club under Christian management.