Sabbath Week

In Vieux Fort, St. Lucia the Ship’s company was able to participate in a Sabbath week. The ship was closed to the public so many people who work with visitors were able to help out in other departments so everyone worked only one or two days in the week. The focus of Sabbath week was to regroup, refocus, and reconnect with God – not that we should ever be disconnected. A guest speaker came to teach us about the Tabernacle of old testament times and the bronze alter and basin and the holy place with the showbread and the golden alter and the most holy place – the holy of holies, where the high preist would enter once a year to make attonment for the sins of the people. We learned in detail how these elements of worship, submission and approaching God were a foreshaddow to the work of Christ and the relationship we now have with the Father. The crew were encouraged to move into the Holy of Holies, since Christ has torn the veil and ushered us in so we may worship the Father.
My team and I worked a little more than some others, but we were able to attend all the sessions and really refresh ourselves, and we were a big help in blessing the ship’s company.

A tabernacle is set up in the Hope Theatre for a demonstration