Beyond the Logos Hope

The classroom was hot and dirty and nearly a hundred high school students had packed into the room to listen to what I was about to say.


I had nothing written down to help me, but I had remembered a song with all the information about the ship. I had their full attention and without a microphone I managed to project my voice in order to tell them all about the ship, it’s people and it’s purpose in five minutes. I was part of a team of five from the ship who visited a local high school to present a one hour gospel program. One person shared their testimony and one gave a sermon. Others played some songs and I played a part in a drama.


The students were very interested in what we had to say and many came to talk to us afterwards. Some appeared to be very touched by the message we gave. I also had the opportunity to chat with one of the students before the program and paint a picture of having a relationship with Jesus. It was a short conversation but I think I may have planted a seed at least.


Later in the week we had the opportunity to provide an all day program for people waiting in line to get onto the ship. We put a stage up outside the day before with some help. On the day we hauled all the speakers and sound equipment from the store room to the quayside. It took us half the day to figure out how everything connected together but it was very worthwhile when we had it all together. There were mimes, jesters, dances, dramas, testimonies and more happening on the stage and the people in line really enjoyed it.



  1. Craig says:

    Hey Chris really enjoying the read, you should have been a writer :)

    Keep safe.